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Students take up the cause

By Glen Winsor Glovertown Academy is located in Glovertown, NL. It has a school population of 355 students enrolled in classes from Kindergarten to grade 12. For the past several years, Glovertown Academy students have participated in the annual Walk for Water. The grade 5 classes, along with their teachers, have been the classes who have taken it upon themselves to lead this event. During the week prior to the official walk, the students take an afternoon and walk part of the Walk for Water route (3.6 km). To date, Glovertown Academy has been successful to raise enough funds to install… [ read more ]

Glovertown Walk for Water raises thousands

By Gerard and Yuvadee Feltham The Glovertown and Area’s 14th Walk For Water went successfully.  The number of walkers were about the same as last year. Each year we hope for more. The walking condition were just right and the spirit of the walk remains optimistic. As for the fundraising, we have good reason to be very pleased. The actual amount received at the walk event was $6,346. However, we trust that when all the contributions come in, there will be sufficient money to meet our annual goal of supplying 10 new bore wells to as many needy villages, where currently there is neither… [ read more ]

The urge to return: a volunteer’s experience

The following is the transcription of a speech given by H.A.V.E. member Gerry Feltham to the Men’s Fellowship Camp at Loon Bay describing his motivation for helping the people of India. Reliable statistics indicate that 40% of the world’s population lack access to adequate sanitation; over1 billion people are without clean drinking water; and with safe drinking water and sanitation, each year the death of nearly 2 million people can be prevented.  Forgive us, Lord, God, we know about the unnecessary suffering and dying in our world but fail to help them sufficiently. For 3 weeks earlier this year, my… [ read more ]