Tribute to Ron Reid

Tribute to Ron Reid – HAVE 1982-2020

Ron, seen here on left, during a 2014 visit to India.

Ron Reid, the Chairman of Help A Village Effort (HAVE), died suddenly on Dec. 10, 2020. He is being remembered by family, friends, and colleagues here in Canada and in India. He will be remembered for serving HAVE for nearly 40 years from its inception in 1982. Ron was a big man in stature and in personality. He was outgoing, energetic and passionate about making a difference in people’s lives despite the challenges. He inspired people – to join him on the Board of HAVE; to support the work of the organization; and to carry out the work on the ground in India. He travelled to India frequently to tour the projects and to meet with the organizational partners. Most of all he honoured the Indian families that were so very pleased that he would do so much and travel so far to visit their humble villages. The Board has decided to dedicate a well in India to Ron as a small token of his perseverance and generosity.

Ron speaking at a fundraiser for HAVE at Wintergreen near Minden, Ont.

From Gerard Feltham, Founder of HAVE

“In my humble opinion, my dear friend, Ron, is to be well respected, admired, and remembered as a long-standing, capable Chairman of Help A Village Effort. Ron enabled HAVE Canada to become a well-established international NGO which is providing safe drinking water to many very needy villages, particularly in India.”

From Biswajit Ghoroi, Secretary, Sarbik Gram Unnayan Sangha (SGUS)

(A humanitarian organization in West Bengal, India)

“We have no words to express our sorrow for such a good friend of ours. Last time he and his partner Joan visited us they were very happy to see our performance and activities. Even a few days back [in December 2020] he was instrumental in sending a grant to us. He always brought maple syrup for us on every trip. How we can forget such love and solidarity. We lost a great awesome friend.”

From Nishita Dandsena, Rural Community Health Centre (RUCHC)

“Speechless. And not a word to describe his sudden demise. A few days ago, we shared emails and he was very enthusiastic about drilling etc.  My heart-felt condolences to the bereaved family. May God fill their hearts with peace and comfort.”

C.S. Sajid Hussain
President, Sri K.Pitchi Reddy Educational and Welfare Society (SPREAWS)
Andhra Pradesh State, India

“I would like to express on behalf of the entire team of SPREAWS, our deepest condolences to his family members. Mr. Ron Reid was a generous person [from] HAVE and his services will be sorely missed. I saw Mr. Ron Reid while he visited Kadapa, he is a kind person.”

Ron Reid, right, and Paul Heffer, left, during a visit to India on behalf of HAVE.

From Glory and Paul Vijayakumar, Social Unit for Community Health and Improvement (SUCHI)

“We lost a very good friend. I know it is a great loss and shock to you all … Our deep condolences to all, to his children, to the church and the local friends. … Our team, myself and my husband cherish the memory of our good association and work. Even now villagers remember HAVE’s meaningful support with gratitude. Please do convey our condolence and regards to Ron’s family and all friends/members of HAVE who know us.”

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