Students take up the cause

By Glen Winsor

Glovertown Academy is located in Glovertown, NL. It has a school population of 355 students enrolled in classes from Kindergarten to grade 12.

For the past several years, Glovertown Academy students have participated in the annual Walk for Water. The grade 5 classes, along with their teachers, have been the classes who have taken it upon themselves to lead this event. During the week prior to the official walk, the students take an afternoon and walk part of the Walk for Water route (3.6 km). To date, Glovertown Academy has been successful to raise enough funds to install one clean drinking water well, and it is anticipated to have their second well funded this year, 2012.

The students enjoy helping provide clean safe drinking water to children around the world. Through discussions and a large H.A.V.E. display in the main foyer, the students gain much insight into the disparities that exist in our world.

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