UNICEF report reveals troubling water statistics

A report by UNICEF called Water in India: Situation and Prospects outlines the disparity in access to water depending on social class, location and usage.

Severe water shortages have led to a growing number of conflicts between users in the agricultural and industrial sectors, as also the domestic sector. The lack of water availability and poor management practices have also manifested in poor sanitation facilities, one among the biggest environmental and social challenges India faces today. – The Hindu

Contaminated water is actually putting India’s rural youth at greater risk of death than in other, more impoverished, nations.

Unsafe water and poor sanitation are the biggest causes of infection. “Half of India uses open defecation, as compared to 4% in neighbouring Bangladesh. The faeces – one and a half stadia full each day – contaminates food and water, causing frequent infections,” says [Aidan] Cronin [of UNICEF].¬†– Hindustan Times



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