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The following is a personal message written by Gerry and Yuvadee Feltham

Dear Friends and Relatives,

Our recent 2016 trip – via local transportation and hitch-hiking as well as couch surfing (in numerous homes), through 6 south African countries – was quite an enjoyable, remarkable, (yes, fairly inexpensive), and revealing adventure. Through our travels this year, as with previous years, we are being more and more reminded that the world is one with one people upon it; and that we need to employ ways and means to understand, to appreciate, and, wherever necessary and possible, to help one another – both near and far – upon our Earth.

Currently, we are shocked and sadden to see many thousands of individual persons and families being afflicted and made refugees by various enemies, such as warfare and forest fire, etc especially in the Middle East/Africa, Europe, and, now, North America (Canada). Unfortunately, massive disasters, both human-made and natural (earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, lightening strikes, etc.), are fairly common – maybe, even increasing – seemingly, yearly. They demand our immediate attention and resources, here, there, and most everywhere within our global community. Consequently, appeals for assistance, particularly to meet another important, urgent emergency, appear to be a regular part of our existence. When such an appeal is in our immediate neighbourhood or even in our country, such as the present horrendous forest fires (with, especially much personal destruction of properties and serious disruption of lives), in and around Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, then thankfully we respond generously. Generally speaking, too, it’s quite understandable and very heart-warming that many persons usually give quickly a helping hand and of their resources to the nearby, identifiable tragedies. However, especially during such urgent awful times, we may tend to overlook or even put off supporting other essential appeals, re: situations much farther away from us, where persons are still daily being, unnecessarily, afflicted and dying (sometimes even in large numbers) as a result of diseases, famine, and a lack of safe drinking water.

Please note: The Glovertown and area 18th Walk for Water 2016 will take place (starting and finishing at the Glovertown Academy) fairly soon on JUNE 11. (In Walk 2015 we raised $24,547; enough for 12 village wells in 12 very needy villages in India.) Our goal in Walk 2016 is to supply safe drinking water – to at least another 10 needy villages.

Many of you have been generously supporting us for many years, through HAVE’s annual Walks for Water. We, with HAVE Canada Inc, are very thankful for your ongoing assistance. Without your help, and that of many others, the HAVE cause cannot survive. (Now well over 1,050 safe drinking water systems, etc., to as many needy villages, have been supplied.) We invite, too, new supporters to participate in our voluntary efforts of assisting the very needy to help themselves.

As usual, we will be walking the walk, certainly not alone. In a sense, millions are walking daily in their search to find water for themselves and their families. We invite you to participate.

Please make your contribution to: HAVE or Help A Village Effort; and send to the following postal address:
c/o 140 Main Street N, Glovertown, NL, A0G 2L0, Canada.

(For amounts of $10 and more, an official receipt will be sent to you. If possible, please provide, too, your email address. To save on postage expenses, HAVE will email your receipt to you, if available, otherwise by regular mail.)

For more information re: WALK FOR WATER 2016, and the HAVE Cause contact us at 1-(709)-533-9177.

Our sincerest thanks for your interest and response.

Kindest regards with Blessings.

Gerard (Gerry) and Yuvadee.
PS: www.helpavillageeffort. org
Gerard is a founding member of H.A.V.E. Canada Inc (1982)

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Link to Brochure:
Brochure 2016

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