West Vancouver Walk brings community together

Report from David Phillips on the West Vancouver Walk for Water:

May 25th this year marked the first time the Walk for Water was located at the Gleneagles Community Centre instead of St Monica Church which had been used for the past 10 years. The Community Centre was a great host and we were able to keep dry on that damp day by setting up the registration and “dining” tables out front under the extensive roof overhang. 

The walkers were led out into a light rain at the start by our very own Grant Stiver and his bagpipes calling all those behind to come along and commence the Walk.

The barbecue lunch that the Walk has become famous for at the finish was much enjoyed. Although it was dry, it must be said that being outside people kept their raincoats on just the same.

All in all a very good time was had by all, those who have walked for 10 years and those for the first time. For some, this is the once a year time to catch up friends from last time. For others, this is the once a year time to have a hot dog.

What better way to build community while raising $6,100 (so far), enough to give clean drinking water for 200 people in communities on the other side the world!

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