Participation high at Glovertown Walk for Water

From Gerard (founding member of HAVE) and Yuvadee (Glovertown branch chair) Feltham:

The June 8 Glovertown H.A.V.E. Branch’s 21st Walk for Water was a huge success. The weather was perfect; the spirit of the Walk was high, with 37 participants present; and the goal of providing 10 new bore wells looks rather encouraging, currently close to $14,000 (including another substantial contribution from a dedicated H.A.V.E. supporter) was raised.

Combining the 30 participants of the Glovertown Academy’s Grade 5 classes and their teachers in the student Walk on June 7, with those who participated in Saturday’s regular Walk for Water, the total number of participants in 2019 practically equals the total number who participated in Glovertown’s 1st WALK FOR WATER, in 1999. However, regrettably over the years a high percentage of our original supporters have either passed on or are no longer able to participate. Consequently, to keep alive and well the  Walks for Water in our area, we will need more new recruits to take an interest in the Help A Village Effort (H.A.V.E.) cause which is primarily walking for the benefit of our own good health as well as the good health of villagers who are needing safe drinking water to prevent them from suffering and dying unnecessarily due to a lack of satisfactory drinking water and/or water-borne diseases.


On behalf of the villagers whom you are helping and the Glovertown H.A.V.E. Branch and H.A.V.E. Canada, we sincerely thank you, for interest and abundant assistance.

Blessings with Peace.

Gerard and Yuvadee Feltham


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