Glovertown 2009

Glovertown, Newfoundland

On June 13th ’09, we had our 11th Glovertown and Area’s WALK FOR WATER. In spite of the heavy rain in the early AM, the WALK went quite well. There were about the same number of participants as last year. However, 2 days before (June 11) Govertown Academy’s grade 5 class with their teacher (Mr. Glen Winsor) and another teacher walked the Park route, and thus increasing the number by an extra 27 walkers. On the actual WALK Day, following the rain, the sound of the singing birds and the babbling brooks made the experience even more delightful.

The actual return of funds at the time of registration was $3,445.00 but that amount should increase considerably as the funds keep coming in. We remain optimistic that we’ll reach our goal of 10 more new artesian wells, to a total of 110 wells (since 1999), just from our WALK in Glovertown,NL.

Gerard Feltham (H.A.V.E. founder)

The golf cart
taking those who can’t manage the walk on the WALK route around Ken Diamond Park
(except a couple of kids hitching a ride !)

2 volunteers signing the “Scroll Book”, listing most of the participants over the years
since 1999, when the WALK started in Nfld (Glovertown, the 1st WALK)

(L-R) Stanley Sparkes, Branch chairman of H.A.V.E. and
H.A.V.E.’s founder Gerard (Gerry) Feltham in Glovertown, NL

Volunteers, mostly Branch Committee members, at the WALK
(in the “registration room”, at the Glovertown Academy)

Gerard Feltham speaking to the Grade 5 class at Glovertown Academy,
just before the students and 2 teachers head out for their
WALK FOR WATER (June 11th) around the Ken Diamond Park.
This class, under their teacher Mr. Glen Winsor, has been quite active with
raising money for H.A.V.E. I believe we’ll hear much more about this
group’s achievements in the future.