Minden 2009

MINDEN, Haliburton Ontario

As part of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” fundraiser in Haliburton County, the HAVE board raised money to send a raft in the Minden Crazy Raft Race on Canada Day.

Part of the chaos at the Haliburton Crazy Raft Race

More than $400 was raised for this small team of four.
In front, Robbie Stephens and friend Willy,
in back David Zilstra and HAVE board member Jenn Watt.

THANKS to everyone for making the raft and the signs and trucking it there
and giving us hats to wear and a place to change afterwards.
I have to say those 20 minutes (seemed like 40) were pretty tough,
but it was totally worth it and fun!

Chad Ingram, Minden Times reporter
Jenn Watt, HAVE board member