Click on the links below to read about some of the 25 year history of HAVE:

  • Early History of HAVE and the WALK FOR WATER, Gerard Feltham
    The story of why and how HAVE began 25 years ago.
  • An Adventurous Discovery Tour into Rural India (Jan.26 – Feb.16, 2006)
    The story of 6 members of HAVE who travelled to India for 3 weeks in February, 2006 to visit SGUS, RUCHC and SUCHI projects. The trip was awesome! To visit some of the villages where we have put in wells, and to see the people’s faces (with such joy and happiness) is reason enough to continue what H.A.V.E. (a small, Canadian volunteer NGO) has been doing since 1982. H.A.V.E. is dedicated to help as many needy people as possible; to obtain clean, safe drinking water in their villages.