Walks for Water 2012


Vancouver Walk For Water raises $4,000

On the nicest day of the season, 50 walkers (as well as two dogs and 10 kids under 10 years old) came out for West Vancouver’s Walk for Water on May 26. Raising $4,000 (with more to come), the group walked three kilometres starting at St. Monica Church, Horseshoe Bay. Thank you to everyone who participated or donated money!

Vancouver Walk For Water 2012

Glovertown Walk for Water raises thousands

By Gerard and Yuvadee Feltham

The Glovertown and Area’s 14th Walk For Water went successfully. The number of walkers were about the same as last year. Each year we hope for more. The walking condition were just right and the spirit of the walk remains optimistic. As for the fundraising, we have good reason to be very pleased. The actual amount received at the walk event was $6,346. However, we trust that when all the contributions come in, there will be sufficient money to meet our annual goal of supplying 10 new bore wells to as many needy villages, where currently there is neither safe drinking water nor sufficient fresh water to meet the villagers’ household needs.

On behalf of the many villagers whom you are helping though your contributions and ourselves, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.