HAVE Chairperson Meets with SUCHI Members at India Office

Ron Reid, chairperson of the Help A Village Effort committee, has just returned from a visit to India to assess progress made by non-governmental organization partners in the country.

In the south, Reid visited with representatives from SUCHI in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh where the people are experiencing the worst drought in years.

SUCHI has developed a survey to get the demographics of the village where tube wells are scheduled to be installed. They are ready, Reid reports, to begin a needs assessment and will choose which villages will receive wells this year. They have produced a timetable for implementation in each sector.

Reid also met with members of SGUS, which covers the Medinipur District of West Bengal, where flooding in June of last year has destroyed thousands of homes. While with SGUS, Reid met with several small local NGOs from around Medinipur where wells will be installed and had meetings with staff who will be doing the engineering work.

A health practitioner that Reid met in his travels in Boalia area told him about the six villages she has in her care. Medical supplies come from the local government and UNICEF and monthly statistics indicate there are 5,775 people in those six villages. This practitioner told Reid that the biggest issue was that there wasn’t any fresh drinking water, causing women to walk a kilometre to the well.

She noted that teaching good water practices was a difficult task, since many women don’t see a problem in using contaminated pond water for cooking. This is why the educational portion of HAVE programs are important, since they teach the use and repair of wells in addition to some personal hygiene best practices.

Ron Reid addressing SUCHI in Chittoor

HAVE chairperson Ron Reid meets with members of SUCHI at their office in India.

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