St. Martin’s challenges youth to Love Thy Global Neighbour

By Sheila Boutcher

In 2010-11 Reverend John challenged the youth of St. Martin’s to become aware of the needs of their less advantaged global neighbors and share of themselves and their own good fortune. The parish was already involved with the Help A Village Effort (H.A.V.E.) group, having previously raised enough money to provide one whole well for a village in India to have clean drinking water. Following the initial fundraising effort, Reverend John was inspired to have St. Martin’s youth look more closely at their own material blessings and come up with ways to raise funds for another well to be created in India by the H.A.V.E. group.

The fundraising project took off and the young people, with the help of adult leaders, planned and carried out a variety of activities. The events included working at a salmon dinner for the Festival of Flight, pre-teen and teen dances, a Teddy Bear Picnic with Terry Reilly, a Day Camp and a family barbeque. There was also a model well set up in the back of the church where people could place donations to support the cause. The youth of the Parish of Grand Bank generously agreed to partner with the youth of St. Martin’s and contributed the funds that they were able to raise through their own efforts, which amounted to the cost of half a well. This was gratefully accepted and much appreciated. The events and activities for the Youth Challenge were generously supported by corporate sponsors from the community and the congregational community of St. Martin’s Cathedral. The children and youth demonstrated a commendable commitment and effort to this missionary work and in the end were able to raise seventy-five hundred dollars, enough to create three new wells in India through the H.A.V.E. group.

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